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Dungeon Club

Your Independent Tabletop

Dungeon Club is a free virtual tabletop designed for pen-and-paper games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Call of Cthulu, Pathfinder and more.

Aside from a vast repertoire of intuitive tools and a clean look, all of the source code is public and can be found on GitHub.

Everyone can contribute by reporting bugs, requesting features and inspiring new ideas!

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Saved Campaigns

Fully-Fledged Features

Token Managing

Set up your own palette of tokens. Every added token has a customizable default size and list of owners.

Drag tokens into the scene to move and finetune them individually. A set of condition icons can be applied to keep track of a creature's state.

Area of Effect

Visualize your spellcasting area in whatever shape you need. Areas are calculated in the most common way and generally follow the Dungeon Master's Guide.

All measurements are shared live with other campaign members. You can identify the player by their game-assigned color.

Audio Player

Dungeon Club features an integrated sound panel for game masters. Choose from 6 different playlists, as well as a number of ambient soundscapes to create immersive atmospheres.

All playlists are curated collections of songs composed by Vindsvept,
Scott Buckley as well as Adrian von Ziegler and many more independent artists who made their work available under Creative Commons or similar licenses.

Hex Grids

Apart from default squares for grid cells, you can configure your scene to instead use hexagons - either horizontally or vertically aligned.

All grid related features are supported on any grid: including but not limited to intuitive token movement, cell snapping, distance measuring and area of effect.

Fog of War

When planning out a large dungeon, you may not want your players to know what evil creatures lie ahead - use the Fog of War tool to hide entire areas of a scene.

As a game master, you can draw and edit an opaque layer of fog above your scene. By either snapping to the grid or drawing freely, you can quickly add to and erase any area from this dedicated canvas.

An underlying sophisticated algorithm merges new shapes into the layer as you go, keeping the painted state of polygons tidy and small in data.

The battle map shown here was randomly generated using DunGen.

Map View

Show your players the paths they've traveled and where they are currently heading on a map.

You can upload multiple maps of varying scale to your campaign. Texts and strokes of a map are updated live for all campaign members.

The world map shown here was randomly generated using azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator.

Scene Editor

Tiles in each row: Tile size unit: Grid color: Grid opacity:

Token Palette




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